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Limit to 10 Qb's Each Wave

Start Dates 

  • Jan 14th

  • February 21st

  • March 21st

  • April 21st

Finding Flow is a holistic training program delivering Physical, Mental, and Spiritual development to young athletes. They will learn how to rid themselves of anxiety, arm pain, and transform their mechanics. Over the 90 Days these young men will become self-aware & establish a deep belief in who they are so they can succeed on & off the field!

Listen to Others Experiences

90 Day Finding Flow QB Program Testimonials

Brady Cook: Missouri Tigers QB Testimonial

Brady Cook: Missouri Tigers QB Testimonial
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All Categories
Brady Cook: Missouri Tigers QB Testimonial
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Mitch Griffis: Wake Forest QB Testimonial
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Nick Trier: Lakewood H.S. Transformation
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Joseph Cheatham: East Brookfield H.S. Testimonial
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The Physical Journey


  • What if… you stopped MISSING throws? 

  • What if… you stopped being ANXIOUS on the field?

  • What if… you did not have ARM PAIN anymore?

  • What if… you did not LOSE your QB competition?


Instead… you TRUSTED yourself, BELIEVED you could accomplish anything you set your mind too & could ACHIEVE your full potential without trying to figure it all out on your own, throwing everyday, & not feeling any progress.


Here’s how most Quarterbacks try to improve…

  • Work with their local QB Coach a couple times a week or throw on their own

  • Watch videos on Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok with QB Coaching with conflicting messages 

  • They might improve a little, but then their development plateaus 

  • They’re unsure why and can’t seem to fix it even though they are training TIRELESSLY

  • They develop SHOULDER PAIN, ANXIETY & begin to DOUBT themselves because they are working hard but they can’t solve their issue or get better

Eventually, these Quarterbacks give up

and feel they have FAILED!

How do I know...

KJ 4 Star UW Commit.png

I’m KJ Carta-Samuels and I know how it feels to have crushing anxiety, arm pain & not be accurate with the football. I was a quarterback that struggled with the same issue.

I was a 4 STAR recruit, ranked #11 in the Elite 11 behind Deshaun Watson, earned a scholarship to The University of Washington. I was 6’2, 220 lbs, could throw 75 yards, read a defense, and knew where to go with the ball…

BUT unless you are confident in yourself to

make any throw NONE of that matters.

Because of this doubt, I was the backup at Washington, my coaches did not believe in me because I did not believe in myself, and I became heavily depressed.

So, I set off to figure out what I was doing wrong…

In my search, I realized that “how” the position is taught is completely wrong. After studying the best quarterbacks in the NFL, combined with a certificate in Kinesiology, I noticed a different method & I implemented it into my game. This gave me the confidence to set the single game passing record in my first start at the Colorado State University.



I realized from then on that it would be my mission to share this knowledge with the Quarterback community and transform their lives before it was too late.

After my professional career ended, I joined my brothers’ company LockedInAthlete and started mentoring Quarterbacks.

Who is this for?

Quarterbacks that are 

  • Done with being average

  • Committed to becoming better

  • Obsessed with maximizing their full potential

  • Willing to be Vulnerable

  • Looking to be a part of a community

KJ Aus Joseph.png
KJ Brady Aus.png

Why Lockedin is Different?

  • I don’t work with everyone... if you do not align with our values then I will not work with you

  • I teach you exactly how to fix your current issue so you have the ability to self coach and no longer need coaching ever again

  • I did it: I was in the Elite 11, played major D1 College Football & Professional

  • I have transformed current college starting quarterbacks at major programs

  • I meet with you twice a week individually to teach you & track your progress

  • I am 100% results driven- you will not leave the program until you feel you have full conviction in yourself and never need to pay for coaching again

  • I care deeply about your growth as a person

  • You will become a brother to me & a part of our FAMILY forever

The Mental & Spiritual Journey

What if...

  • What if... you knew your goals, leadership style, and could play with ultimate confidence

  • What if... you knew how to deal with pressure & anxiety

  • What if... you could consistently find Flow State


...without trying to figure it all out on your own, dealing with anxiety, and feeling stuck with no way out

Here's the problem...

Here’s how most Quarterbacks try to deal with anxiety on their journey...

  • They bottle it in and hide their emotions

  • They resort to vices to distract themselves

  • They try to be like everyone else

  • They can’t form their own sense of identity

  • They try everything & without clarity begin to spiral out of control


Eventually, these Quarterbacks quit. I don’t blame them! Anxiety & Doubt without a plan sucks. As well as knowing that your dream won’t come true.


But it DOES NOT have to be this way!

Aus Wyo.png
Aus Vandy Frnaklin.png
Aus Down South.png

Why Austyn does this

Aus Wyo Bowl Game.png
Aus Bowl Rings.png

I created this program because I know how it feels to be LOST on this journey at QB. I constantly listened to others (Coaches, Parents, Friends) & tried to fit in to what they wanted me to be but this had me torn because I DIDN’T KNOW WHO I WAS.

My identity was not my own.

I was the Captain & QB of a nationally ranked Vanderbilt team but didn’t know who I was besides that, as a person. Then I became a college coach and this continued... It wasn’t until I found my identity through deep questioning, books, seminars, and self exploration that this stopped.

I knew had a super power and a process to help others find that as well.

From there I crafted exercises that would provide this same transformation for others. Barry Odom, Head Coach at Missouri endorsed me to share it with the team in 2018. The program ran for over 26 months with over 100 SEC athletes. During that time our team recorded the highest Team GPA for 3 consecutive semesters, a brotherhood was born, and each individual grew in self discovery.

This gave me the confidence to leave college coaching. Because I knew I had a product to share with the world, not just a program.

My mission was clear: transform athletes and help them find themselves.

Everything about this program is designed to equip you with the ability to navigate this journey confidently and with clear direction on a path to reaching your full potential.

Aus Old Guy.png
Aus Drew Mizzou.png

Who I work with...

  • Athletes committed to their goals

  • Athletes dealing with anxiety

  • Athletes wanting to establish their purpose

  • Athletes dealing with symptoms of burnout

  • Athletes wanting to lead others

  • Athletes who want a process to handle pressure

  • Athletes struggling with incompetent coaches

Why this is different

Austyn Drew Lock Colt.png
Aus Bigger Than Ball.png
  • This process is not out there and available for others

  • I teach you exactly how to find a level of self awareness that makes you able to navigate adversity without losing yourself and have “IT”

  • I did it: I went through this process and it changed my life

  • I have helped transform current high school and college athletes at major programs across the country with this process

  • I meet with you twice a week individually to teach you & track your progress

  • I am 100% results driven- you will not leave the program until you feel you have conviction in who you are and a different level of self belief

  • I care deeply about your growth

  • You will become a brother to me & be a part of our FAMILY forever

How The Finding Flow
Program Works

When you sign up we’ll start with a one on one meeting where we will talk about your goals and pinpoint your current issue. Then, we will develop a personalized plan to help YOU transform.


Step 1: 90 Day Finding Flow Overview

You will receive a link to the Online Finding Flow Course & I will walk you through it.


Step 2: Uncover your Mental & Physical Roadblock

We will do a full assessment. Explore & uncover your limiting beliefs and begin an introduction into personal development. We will watch video of your throwing motion and figure out what your specific current issue is. The video will transform your perception and rewire your current thoughts so that you are aware of the issue.


Step 3: Watch Videos & Implement Drills to recode that behavior

We will watch videos of NFL Qb’s so that you understand what it is supposed to look like, then you will learn exactly how to retrain your body with specific drills to fix your issue and use your body properly.

Then you will record them and send them back to me daily.

Step 4: Watch the progress & discuss further details

We will continue to meet, dissect, & track your development. We will continue to watch video of you doing drills and look for improvements, concerns, & further teaching.


Step 5: Test your Understanding

We will meet one on one, you will answer questions to ensure your complete understanding of the program. You will be able to coach & guide yourself at this point. At this point you will be able to tell me what it is that you are doing wrong or right physically & mentally and the reason why. If you can not then you do not understand and we will continue to meet until you can.


Step 6: Flow on your own.

At this point you will no longer need other coaching because you have deep conviction within yourself mentally, physically, and can tap into flow on your own.



What's Included...

This is a 90 day program where we meet 1 on 1 to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually. You will learn how to rid yourself of anxiety, arm pain, and transform your mechanics all while becoming self-aware, establishing a deep belief in who you are so you can succeed on & off the field in 90 days!

As a part of the Program you will receive:

  • 3 Month (90 Day) 1on1 Transformation

  • Lifetime access to the online Finding My Flow Course 

  • 2 X Weekly One on One Meetings= 24 meetings 

  • Customized Nutrition Plan & Packet 

  • Customized Workout Plan & Video Tutorial 

  • Customized Recovery & Stretching Routine 

  • Defensive Coverage Identification & Film Study

  • Daily Mentorship & Guidance (Text Messaging & Phone Calls)

  • Recruiting Advice & Mentorship for Parents 

  • ½ Price Off All Future LockedIn Camps

  • Be part of the Lockedin Community with peers just like yourself 

  • Building your highlight tape with a former SEC Recruiting Coordinator

Are you ready to take action?

This Program is not meant for everyone and we take the applications very seriously. 

Listen to Others Experiences