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Kelly Bryant

6'4, 225
Current Team:
NFL Free Agent
Former Teams:
Missouri Tigers, Clemson Tigers

What LockedIn Meant to Kelly

Honors & Awards

  • 2017 Manning Award Finalist

  • 2017 Davey O'Brien Award Finalist

  • 2017 ACC Champion

  • 2017 CFP Participant

  • 2016 National Champion

  • 2016 ACC Champion

  • 2015 National Championship Runner up

  • 2015 Orange Bowl Champion

  • 2015 ACC Champion


Kelly and I met while he was at Clemson and I was coaching QB’s at Mizzou. We talked on the phone and discussed his goals and formed a bond at that time. Then I went to pick him up at the St. Louis airport for his recruiting visit. There was so much in both of our stories that were similar we connected quickly. This allowed us to open up and transparently communicated what he had been through and what he was looking for. It was a recruiting war to get KB but once we did it was incredible to see how quickly and ferociously he wanted to get to work. We dove into all aspects. Mechanics, personal development, and taking his game to another level. In that journey we found a friendship that will never go away. I am so thankful for Kelly and our journey we shared at Mizzou in his development. Expect huge things from him as a leader for future generations.

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