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Learn About Our Program

     While coaching in the SEC, we noticed that most high school recruits and their families have no idea what is going on in the recruiting process. This results in confusion, frustration, and leaves the prospect at a significant disadvantage because coaches are able to easily manipulate recruits and their handlers. In 2020, Missouri Coaches Austyn Carta-Samuels & Michael Stannard chose to leave the college coaching world to develop the LockedIn Recruiting program. Our program is developed from our experiences as Players, Recruiting Personnel Managers, and Coaches to give you a complete guide to successfully navigate the Recruiting World. 


Recruiting Program Overview


     This course covers every aspect of the Modern Recruiting Process. Research shows that the recruiting process has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Many recruits do not understand how the process works from an Academic, Offer, and Evaluation standpoint. As a result, hundreds of student-athletes experience one of the following scenarios that can derail their career before it begins causing Emotional and Mental Anxiety and Damage for years to come:  

  •  Recruits do not know how to Market their athletic ability to gain recruiting exposure. lose hundreds of dollars traveling to visit programs and attend camps that will not help their recruiting exposure.

  • Recruits receive offers without understanding how the process really works. They begin to narrow their options based on their favorite places only to discover that their offer was never real. This can cause unnecessary stress and heartbreak as athletes must choose another program after being rejected by their dream school. 

  • Recruits do not understand how the NCAA Academic eligibility work and hundreds fail to qualify as a result forfeiting thousands of dollars in scholarships. 

  • Prospects do not take the time to properly evaluate their options from a depth chart, location, academic, and staff perspective. As a result, Several thousand NCAA athletes transfer each year. Some find new programs while others end up playing at programs that are beneath their ability


Change The Game With Our Unique Recruiting Tools!

  • Access a complete list of College Coach's Emails and Twitter links (FBS-D2) to jump-start your marketing campaign.